CB – LIFT-A-SYST® Sistema Counterbalance

The CB LIFT-A-SYST® series combines assisted lifting force and positional stability through the full range of motion when opening and closing heavy doors and panels, making equipment operation safe and reliable. The LIFT-A-SYST® series is designed specifically for controlling the exact weight of heavy flip-up countertops and covers, allowing them to be lifted and positioned with ease.

Features and Benefits

The LIFT-A-SYST® series allows a heavy door to be lifted with minimal operating effort and will continue to hold it securely in any position.
  • Eliminates the need for secondary support components
  • Repeatable cycle life
  • Simple mounting and one piece construction for ease of installation
  • Maintains consistent performance without maintenance or readjustment
  • The LIFT-A-SYST® 60 series enables service stations to be lowered or raised between 42” (100cm) to 32” (80cm) above the floor to accommodate the needs of all customers and meet ADA Accessibility Guidelines

Available Options

  • Light to heavy-duty models available to provide ease of operation for a wide range of lid sizes/weights
  • Available with incorporated hinge point option (30 series)

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