Rivets & Other Hardware

Create high-strength "permanent" bonding of diverse materials such as metal, wood and masonry, in through-hole and blind-hole applications, with affordable Southco Drive Rivets. Easy installation without special tools make Drive Rivets an easy choice for field work, with a very economical total installed cost, as well as de-install cost.

Rivets & Other Hardware

Key Benefits

  • Physical Requirements

    Available in six different diameters and numerous lengths for a wide variety of material and dimensional requirements

  • Stainless Steel

    Corrosion-resistant aluminum and stainless steel materials provide excellent long-term performance, even in outdoor applications

  • Padlockable

    Materials and sizes to suit a range of enviormental and strength requirements

  • Security

    Tamper-resistant/tamper-evident designs resist being driven through or drilled out

  • When installed provide a clean exterior surface, without the holes typical of mandrel style rivets

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  1. 28-D4-BJR4-45

    Sample Panel

  2. 28-R4-05-10

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  3. 28-52-17-43

    Sample Panel

  4. 28-F6-15-16

    Sample Panel

  5. 28-EA-A04-15-02

    Sample Panel

  6. 28-R2-15-01

    Sample Panel

  7. 28-D8-316-415

    Sample Panel

  8. 28-D8-316-412

    Sample Panel

  9. 28-D1-125-913

    Sample Panel

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