F6 - Charnières de porte démontable rétractables

F6 - Charnières de porte démontable rétractables

Multiple sizes, constructions, and frame leaf options accommodate a variety of enclosure constructions, and enable door and frame leaves to be installed independently for greater fabrication flexibility.

  • Metal hinges deliver strength and durability for heavier cabinet door applications
  • Engineered plastic quick-release hinge provides a lightweight, non-conductive, non-corrosive option with dual hinge points for greater stability
  • Spring-loaded retractable pin designs lock into retracted position for easier door installation/removal and lock into engaged position for secure operation
  • Range of sizes to accommodate a variety of application demands
  • Plastic, steel and stainless steel materials
  • Heavy-duty version (94X Series) offers two frame-leaf configurations - flat frame leaf and formed frame leaf
  • Standard-duty version (90X Series) offers formed frame leaf in three offset sizes to accommodate various frame configurations

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