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Innovative Access Solutions for Enterprise Computing

As the inventor of the largest number of access hardware technologies designed specifically for enterprise computing, Southco takes pride in working with enterprise and telecom engineers to create innovative and customized solutions for quicker, easier and more ergonomic fastening and latching.

Innovative Access Solutions for Enterprise Computing

Products and Applications

Innovative Access Solutions for Enterprise Computing

Solutions for Rack Mounted Servers, Switches & Power Supply

Leveraging our extensive industry experience, our design centers around the world can work directly with your engineering team to adapt, modify or fully customize solutions for your enterprise computing needs. Southco has the broadest offering of rack mounted equipment solutions, including captive hardware, lever injectors, rack attach mechanisms, and handles for chassis and modules.

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Solutions for Open Compute Project (OCP)

Enhance functionality while improving the end customer experience with our fully scalable solutions that meet Open Compute Project (OCP) guidelines. As a member of the Open OCP community, Southco works with enterprise computing OEMs around the world to design efficient and flexible products for data centers.


Blade Server/Router Solutions

Whether board or face plate mounted, or low or high connector forces, our solutions can be adapted to meet all of your fastening and extraction needs. Choose from the largest portfolio of inject/eject solutions to ensure proper management circuit packs, hard drives and PC board assemblies.


PC Board Mounted Solutions

Secure components under shock and vibration and prevent the risk of fallen or lost hardware, with our extensive range of fastening solutions for PC boards.


Enclosure & Data Center Security Solutions

Control, monitor and track individuals, from building entry down to the equipment that physically stores sensitive data with our complete range of mechanical and electromechanical access solutions designed to provide physical security at the rack level.

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Immersion Cooling Solutions

With 10x the heat rejection capacity of air cooling, immersion cooling offs an effective and economical solution to reduce both a facility's energy consumption and its carbon footprint. However, it needs to be contained. Southco Compression Latches, Counterbalance Hinges and Electronic Access Solutions can help.

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