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Why Southco?

The Smart Choice for City Infrastructure

Southco is developing innovative engineered access hardware solutions in line with evolving Smart City technology. We combine our engineering excellence and application experience to support the global creation of safe, secure and desirable Smart City equipment.

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Innovative Access Solutions for Enterprise Computing


Innovative Access Solutions for Enterprise Computing

Ensure the Security of Smart City Infrastructure

Smart City equipment is becoming more valuable and installed closer to end users. Many machines store data and conceal next generation technology, driving the need for maximum physical security. Southco offers various engineered mechanical and electromechanical locks and latches to meet additional security requirements.


Choose Hardware to Support Connectivity

Electronic Access Solutions (EAS) not only improve equipment security but allow equipment connectivity to software systems and other machines. Southco offers a variety of intelligent electronic locks that enable connectivity and data capture, and can grant access to equipment via electronic keys or through a mobile app.


Complement the Smart City Landscape

The need for well-designed equipment that also complements industrial design is driving hardware requirements for equipment in highly trafficked urban environments. Southco offers hidden latches and hinges that meet design aesthetic challenges and space limitations, without compromising hardware strength or performance.


Create Positive End User Experiences

Smart infrastructure is reliant on positive user interaction. Engineered hinges and mounts can promote a safer and more ergonomic user experience. Southco’s constant torque positioning technology meets the challenges of panel and lid positioning, allowing the heavy panels to be positioned with ease, without drift.


Design for Equipment Longevity

In areas of high use, equipment lifecycle can be maximized with durable hardware tested to meet corrosion, ingress and gasket integrity standards. Southco’s line of concealed latches remove equipment pry points, while multipoint latching solutions offer high latch strength and compression. We offer a range of durable product materials designed to withstand varying temperatures and weather conditions.


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