• Free Swinging Hinges

    Swing hinges
    • Simple free swinging hinges
    • Wide range of materials and styles
    • Surface mount, and flush hinge options
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  • Removable Hinges

    Removable hinges
    • Detachable hinges and lift-off hinges to remove the door for unhindered access
    • Concealed mount hardware
    • Surface mount and concealed hinge versions available
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  • Concealed Hinges

    Concealed Hinges
    • Hidden hinges make them invisible in the application
    • Door holding features
    • Concealed hinges provide clean exteriors and enhance vandal resistance
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  • Detent Hinges

    Detent Hinges
    • Hold the door or lid in a defined position
    • Simple surface mount
    • Maintains consistent performance over a long cycle life
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  • Torque Hinges

    Torque hinges
    • Friction hinges to hold the door or lid in all positions
    • Surface mount, concealed and flush mount options to suit any application
    • Maintains consistent smooth feel and constant torque over a long cycle life
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  • Counterbalance Hinges

    Counterbalance hinges
    • Position and lift heavy lids
    • Make a heavy lid feel weightless
    • A reliable alternative to gas struts with enhanced ergonomics
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