• Compression Latches

    Compression Latches
    • Compresses gaskets and seals doors with one simple motion, meets NEMA/IP requirements
    • Clamps securely to eliminate noise and rattle
    • Available in hand, tool and key options to meet application security requirements
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  • Cam Latches

    Cam Latches
    • Simple quarter-turn operation to secure doors
    • Adjustable versions allow users to customize the fit
    • Sealed versions provide NEMA/IP compliance
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  • Push-to-Close Latches

    Push to Close Latches
    • Intuitive push-to-close operation holds doors secure
    • Wide range of quick actuation options provides easy user access
    • Simple, single hole installation
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  • Rotary Latching Systems

    Rotary Latching Systems
    • Concealed, push-to-close latching at one or more points of a door
    • Remote actuation allows latch and actuator to be positioned independently
    • High strength and reliable performance in demanding applications
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  • Draw Latches

    Draw Latches
    • Clamps and holds two panels together
    • Secures against vibration, rattle and panel misalignment
    • Wide variety of sizes and styles to suit varying strength requirements
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  • Swinghandle & Multipoint Systems

    Swinghandles and Multipoint
    • Provides latching at multiple points around a door with a single action
    • Optimizes sealing and eliminates pry points, door flexing and rattle
    • Wide range of actuator styles suit indoor and outdoor enclosures
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  • Entry Door Locksets

    Entry Door Locksets
    • Door hardware engineered to withstand harsh marine environments
    • Suitable for cabin or entry door and deck applications
    • Provides performance, design and styling
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  • Electronic Access & Locking Solutions

    Electronic Access & Locking Solutions
    • Intelligent locking and latching
    • Remote access control and monitoring
    • Simplified key management
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  • Cam Locks and Lock Plugs

    Cam Locks and Lock Plugs
    • Operates with a simple 90 degree turn
    • Key, tool, and hand operated options
    • Adjustable grip options compenate for variation
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

What are the different types of Latches?

Latches come in various types, each for specific applications and needs. Understanding these types can help you choose the right one for your project.

Can latches be keyed?

Yes, latches can be equipped with key-locking systems to enhance security. These key-locking latches are used in applications like cabinets, doors, and enclosures where controlled access is needed.

Options include “keyed different” (each latch has its key), “keyed alike” (multiple latches share the same key), and “master keyed” (individual keys plus a master key for all). This added feature provides an extra layer of protection beyond basic latching mechanisms.

How do I choose the right latch for my project?

Choosing the ideal latch for your project is a pivotal decision shaped by several key considerations. To ensure alignment with both functionality and aesthetics, follow these streamlined steps:

  1. Determine your project's needs (ex: whether security, ease of use, or vibration resistance). This initial understanding will guide your future decisions.
  2. Explore the diverse range of latch types (see above). Choose the type that best suits your project's needs and intended use.
  3. Keep the latch's intended environment in mind when choosing materials. You want the latch to perform effectively given its surrounding conditions.
  4. Define your required security level. Is it quick access, key locked, or electronically controlled? Do you define it by the strength of the latch itself, or by tracking who has access at a given time? Make sure your latch can meet that level.
  5. Consider user-friendliness. If the latch serves a wide range of users, prioritize intuitive design with a high cycle life for long term consistent performance.

By thoughtfully addressing these factors, you can confidently select a latch that seamlessly suits your project's goals and specifications.

Does Southco Provide Customized Latching Solutions?

Southco also offers customized and modified latch solutions to meet specific requirements. We specialize in engineered access solutions and collaborate with clients to develop custom solutions that address specific needs.

If you're considering a customized latch for your projectIf you're considering, reach out to our expert team here.

We can provide you with information on our customization capabilities, design process, and how we can work with you to create a latch solution that aligns perfectly with your application.