• Captive Screws

    Captive Screws
    • Stays secure to the panel, preventing loss and protecting sensitive electronics
    • Tool recess, thread size and installation options to suit any application
    • Spring ejection and self-aligning float provide easy installation
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  • DZUS® Quarter-Turn Fasteners

    DZUS® Quarter-Turn Fasteners
    • Quickly secures and releases with a 90 degree turn
    • Stays captive to the panel, providing ease of use and preventing lost hardware
    • Provides a strong, consistent clamping force with repeated operation
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  • Quick Access Fasteners

    Quick Access Fasteners
    • Provides quick access for hinged or removable panels
    • Latches into thru or blind holes
    • Locates sliding panels
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  • Rivets

    Rivets and Other Hardware
    • Available in six different diameters and numerous lengths
    • Materials and sizes to suit a range of enviormental and strength requirements
    • Tamper-resistant/tamper-evident designs resist being driven through or drilled out
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  • Inject/Eject Mechanisms

    Inject/Eject Mechanisms
    • Ergonomic insertion, extraction and locking of electronic modules
    • Adheres to industry standards for robustness and hot swap capability
    • Wide range of designs to match popular connector pin densities
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  • Gaskets

    • Seal out dust and moisture
    • Minimize rattles due to vibration
    • Compensate for surface contour irregularities
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