What is a Compression Latch?

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What is a Compression Latch?

What is a Compression Latch?

A compression latch, like all latches, is designed to keep a surface panel or door closed. The major difference between different compression and other latch types is the method of actuation and the mounting method.

Compression latches can provide a reliable solution to hold doors and panels shut while, at the same time, eliminating noise, panel movement, or rattling caused by vibration. They can also compress a gasket to provide sealing against environmental elements — such as water, dust, and electromagnetic interference.

This type of latch consists of a body that is typically attached to a moving panel or door, and incorporates a cam lever that can be rotated to engage a non-moving or fixed panel. Once the door is closed, the cam rotates behind the fixed panel to secure the moving panel or door.

The latch is actuated by a simple twisting or turning motion, either by hand, tool or key. A locking mechanism can be incorporated into the head style for enhanced security.  

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