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What is a Compression Latch?

What is a Compression Latch?

Compression latches are specifically designed to hold doors and panels shut, while eliminating rattling noises caused by vibration and panel movement. In addition, they can provide the force required to compress a gasket to provide sealing against the elements, such as dust and water. Compression latches typically consist of a body that is attached to a moving panel or door, and incorporate a cam lever that can be used to engage a non-moving or fixed panel. Once the door is closed, the cam lever is firmly seated behind the fixed panel to securely hold two together.

Compression latches are offered in a wide variety of form factors, from flush mounted latches for minimal protrusion to large T-handles that provide an easy method to actuate the latch by hand. Some compression latches use a simply lever action to engage the moving door to the fixed panel, while more advanced designs can translate a simple rotation actuation motion into a horizontally swinging cam and a vertical compression motion. Whether your application needs a latch that passes through a door to engage the panel from behind, or be completed externally mounted, a solution exists that will fulfill your needs.

Security is important in many applications, and options for non-locking, key-locking, or tool-locking compression latches are available. Southco can also supply individual or multiple key codes to enhance the security of your application, or offer provisions for a user-supplied padlock.

The latch is actuated by a simple twisting or turning motion, either by hand, tool or key. A locking mechanism can be incorporated into the head style for enhanced security.  

Watch the video to see the functionality of a common type of Compression Latch:


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