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New Cam Latch Products Offer Improved Security and Hand Actuation

New Cam Latch Products Offer Improved Security and Hand Actuation

Southco has introduced three new products to its line of cam latches, including two new E5-9 wing knobs and one E5 mini cam latch. These new cam latches provide targeted solutions for specific applications, including harsh environments with significant amounts of debris, as well as constrained spaces that still require robust security. Southco’s E5 Cam Latch series provides reliable door closure with a 90-degree turn, including both fixed-grip and adjustable-grip options.

E5 Cam Latches from Southco are available with a number of customizable features. These products can be used in a range of applications including bus and coach, HVAC, industrial machinery, and off-highway vehicles.

Hand Actuation

Southco’s E5-9 Low Profile Wing Knob offers hand actuation with a more compact wing size. Available in both black powder and chrome finishes, the Low Profile Wing Knob is suitable for use on industrial equipment and agricultural equipment service doors.

Improved Sealing

In applications with large amounts of debris or water, improved sealing is necessary to ensure durability and reliable performance. The E5-9 Wing Knob with Shuttered Lock Plug enables key-locking security in harsh environments and outdoor applications, including ATVs and off-highway vehicles.

Security for Tight Spaces

Southco’s new E5 Key-Locking Mini Cam Latch adds a key-locking capability for increased security, even in spaces with significant space constraints. The mini cam latch is available with either a key-locking wing knob or low profile key or tool locking access, and it is a versatile solution for HVAC and self-service applications.

Southco’s E5 Cam Latch series offers cost-effective reliability for a broad range of targeted enclosure applications. Featuring simple actuation and closure with a 90-degree turn, these cam latches support design flexibility with a number of options for finishes, designs and dimensions.

To learn more about Southco’s line of compression latches, visit our Cam Latches product page.

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