Arianna Lighting & Southco: Saving Installation Time When Upgrading to LED Lighting

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Arianna Lighting & Southco: Saving Installation Time When Upgrading to LED Lighting

Arianna Lighting & Southco: Saving Installation Time When Upgrading to LED Lighting


Arianna specializes in the design and manufacturing of public and industrial LED lighting systems. Based in Italy, they provide innovative solutions which enable companies to save energy while assuring the comfort and safety of their customers. Arianna’s lighting systems are recognized for being robust, reliable and long-lasting. Established in 2009, Arianna has grown to become one of Europe’s most prominent lighting companies.

In 2011, Arianna developed the Teseo, the industry’s first Total Reflection LED light. Internationally recognized, the Teseo applies principles from astronomy to project light in the opposite direction
to the direction of travel, enhancing the visibility of obstacles and providing greater safety on the road. The application of Teseo Total Reflection technology throughout Italy’s street tunnels has firmly established Arianna’s status within the street tunnel lighting industry. Through the impact of the Teseo and other innovations, Arianna has grown rapidly within their industry, becoming a major partner to Anas. Autostrade per l’Italia in Italy and other leading international institutions.

The Challenge 

Arianna was commissioned to upgrade street tunnel lighting in Italy to LED technology to increase energy efficiency and longevity. Referred to as “relamping” the conversion was initially required in the central locations of the tunnels and more recently, in the external sections. Typically, the lights are mounted on several stainless steel trunks on the ceiling of each street tunnel. The original lights were attached to the trunks with a mounting bracket made up of three parts. However with each tunnel varying in size and shape, there was no standard setting for the lights and adjusting the mounting bracket during routine operation checks and maintenance was time-consuming and complicated.

Arianna was seeking a “one-size-fits-all” latching system that attached the mounting bracket to the trunks and allowed operators to adjust the LED lights, without having to adjust the parts on the mounting bracket. This would enable the safe, simple and secure maintenance and management of the lighting system. More importantly, the latch had to be intuitive enough for one person to install and position quickly without tools, to keep maintenance and installation costs down. Due to the weight and height of the lights, the design also needed to be robust enough to hold them in place.

The challenging environment of the street tunnel also called for a latching solution constructed of corrosion-resistant materials. This would allow the lighting system to maintain a high standard of performance and safety over an extended period of time, despite tough weather conditions and heavy vibrations from passing traffic.

The Solution 

Recognizing that Southco has the product range and production scale to meet their needs effectively and under deadline, Arrianna chose Southco’s TL-40 Over-Center Draw Latch to meet its complex requirements for securing the Teseo’s LED mounting bracket. Trusted by leading global lighting innovators due to the wide range of intuitively- designed products offered, Southco adds value to lighting fixture and luminaire manufacturers globally.

Southco’s TL-40 latch Over-Center Draw Latch provides
a mechanical advantage to applications through a lever- actuated mechanism, which pulls panels together panels and holds them securely.

Arianna’s lighting system features two TL-40 Latches thatare located on the side of the mounting bracket and installed using two rivets. This fastens the light to the cable trunk on the ceiling of the tunnel, and allows one to adjust the light without adjusting the parts on the mounting bracket. The TL-40 provides a standard solution that significantly improves the quality, usability and time required to access the system, making it easier for operators to install the light on the trunk and also to compensate for existing tolerances.

Small and compact, the TL- 40 Over-Center Draw Latch provides greater flexibility when affixing the lights at different heights on the cable trunk. This allows Arianna to include a range of panel preparations with different mounting holes at varying heights and adjust them during the production process without using bespoke components to accommodate the different configurations.

Southco’s TL- 40 offers a dual latching solution that effectively prevents accidental opening and the loss of lighting hardware in street tunnels. The solution also allows operators to open the lighting bracket with one hand, making it much safer and easier to use. For example when adjusting the fixtures, the captive rivets prevent the bracket from coming loose, which allows the operator to hold the bracket in one hand, freeing up the other to hold a lightbulb or other lighting equipment. Constructed of stainless steel, the latch offers corrosion resistance, meeting the harsh environmental factors of street tunnels and ensuring quality performance throughout the lifetime of the application.

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