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Pets Travelling First Class With The Help of Southco

Pets Travelling First Class With The Help of Southco

With its initial product designed, engineered and patent applied, the start-up company, Dog&Drive GmbH, officially became established in 2021. Dog&Drive is a high-end manufacturer of folding-stairs for car boots, based just outside of Cologne, Germany. After numerous occasions whereby Dog&Drive founder, Karl-Heinz Kamlage, watched animals struggling to haul themselves in and out of vehicles at his wife’s veterinary clinic, he and his team of engineers decided that there had to be a smart solution to this problem. Thus became, Dog&Drive’s unique, hand-crafted boarding application. 

Easy to install and adapted to aid seamless integration within some of the world’s top vehicle manufacturer’s car boots, Dog&Drive perfected their design with the help of Southco, a world-leading designer and manufacturer of access hardware solutions, and are now taking the market by storm with their bespoke, sleek stair with integrated dog bed solution.

Working as a team, Dog&Drive with Southco’s help have created a market-leading folding-stair application to aid in the transportation of animals – ensuring the ease and comfort of both the animals and their owners remain at the forefront of its ethos.

Download the Case Study now, to discover how Southco helped Dog and Drive achieve this ergonomic, intuitive car boarding-step solution. 


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