Slide to Open Latches

A3 - Slide Latches

All of these molded-plastic slide latches provide a low installed cost, plus convenient installation and operation, with differences in the size and grip style of each latch designed to suit individual applications. All offer snap-in installation in a single rectangular hole, and all use a simple sliding action to open.

M5 - Slide Latches

Southco M5 Slide Latches provide heavy-duty, marine-grade construction with a variety of options and designs. Suitable for swing doors, M5 Slide Latches feature an adjustable slide bolt and can be rim or flush mounted with several different striker styles.

80 - Snap-In Latches

Need a quick solution for latching applications that go beyond traditional panel-against-frame applications? Now you can combine pushbutton opening and push-to-close convenience in an easy-to-install snap-in latch that suits co-planar panel mating applications

TL - Slide Latch

Southco’s Slide Latches offer vibration resistance and tolerate misalignment to hold panels securely in place. Simple slide to latch, hand operation allows easy removal for access or maintenance, offering design flexibility for a variety of applications

B7 - Sliding Flush Latches

Here's the ultimate recess-mounted slide latch housing – one that can be mounted completely behind the door panel, by welding, rivets, or a thin-profile flush-mount trimplate with integral mounting studs. Spring-loaded latch slide operates from inside or outside of enclosure, opens quickly, and closes with just a push

MM - Grabber Panel Latches

A great latching mechanism for sliding door or clamshell compartment door applications. A dual-pawl design provides double the gripping power and keeps the latch centered on the "T"-shaped striker. Simple push-to-close action engages both pawls around striker and holds fast, despite forces applied by twisting or torque

A6 - Quarter-Turn To Open Latches

Add the convenience of push-to-close operation on your enclosure, with this compact, robust latch that is easy to install and easy to operate. Just a quarter turn of the knob or hex socket retracts the slide for easy opening, and a simple push snaps the latch shut again

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