MP - Point Latches

When your door or drawer design calls for elegant simplicity, make it a point to choose the new push-to-close Southco Point Latch. Its flush-mount design features a retractable metal pull knob that pops up at the push of a button to provide a consistent grip and a solid feeling of quality in the latch's operation. And the latch can be slammed closed and remain secured regardless of the knob's position – exposed or retracted..

MP - Point Latches

Stylish lines, available with several flange shapes and with multiple chrome- or brass-plated finishes, help the Point latch complement virtually any decor.

  • Stylized flush-mount design, available in multiple shapes and multiple choices of metallic finishes, complements virtually any interior decor
  • Pull knob retracts to create a flush look on the closed door, yet pops up to provide a good quality grip
  • Easy operation – simply press button to release knob, then push knob flush again to store
  • Overall polished look and metal actuation knob create a positive impression and a solid feel of quality
  • Doors may be slammed shut even in the latched position
  • Latched metal pawl withstands heavy loads, stays firmly engaged, regardless of pull-knob position – retracted or exposed
  • Fully pre-assembled latch body saves time and money through quick and easy installation with perfectly squared alignment, using the supplied lockwasher and nut
  • Choose bright chrome, satin chrome, or brass finishes, with knob and flange in matching or complementary finishes
  • Oval, square, and round flange designs are available to complement interior design
  • Oval shape may be specified with pawl perpendicular to long axis or short axis
  • Latch cover available in bright chrome or satin chrome may be selected to enhance appearance of the interior door or drawer while hiding the latch mechanism
  • Plastic housing and cover with chrome-, brass-, or satin-plated metal flange and knob
  • Alignment tab permits installation in a drilled 1" round hole with 1/8" drilled keyed slot, or in a double-D hole
  • Pawl engages keeper firmly whether pull knob is retracted or exposed
  • Accommodates a range of panel thickness, from 2 mm to 25.4 mm (0.1" to 1.0")
  • Slammable in both latched and unlatched positions

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