MG - Entry Door Locks

These versatile, streamlined key-actuated locks are designed for secure performance with a variety of swinging and sliding doors, bi-fold doors, washboard doors, hatches, and companionway drop-in panels. Multiple design and finish options satisfy most applications, including compatibility with other One Look-One Lock products

MG - Entry Door Locks

Durable lock mechanisms include 100% marine-grade construction options to deliver solid performance in a variety of door styles. Clean, low-profile designs minimize snagging, and include outside keylocking with interior privacy lock actuation.

  • Snap-on style lock provides easy installation; uses sliding bolt and closed-ring keeper
  • Star Sailor, Single Star and L-Star designs include a three-axis star key and six-pin tumbler Star Lock for increased security
  • Star Lock's hooked deadbolt prevents door from being lifted off
  • Suitable options for washboard doors that are up to 15 degrees from perpendicular
  • Can be installed alone or as a deadbolt in conjunction with a non-locking entry door latch
  • Multiple sizes available to fit a range of door thicknesses
  • Available in a variety of long-lasting finish options for lock, trim, and accents
  • Optional striker hood is available for use with Star Sailor, Single Star and L-Star on hatch panels that are too thin to permit direct attachment of a striker

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