51/53/58 - Captive Screws

These screws and captive screws provide an attractive polished finish and ample shaft length to mate with threaded receptacle on frame, throughout a range of panel thicknesses. They are available with or without spring ejection to retract the screw body when threads are disengaged.

51/53/58 - Captive Screws

Each screw thread size dictates the total length and thread grip area of the screw, but comes with multiple standoff mounting dimensions to accommodate varying panel thicknesses.

  • Large highly polished knobs present a blemish-free finish
  • Elongated shafts provide for easy grip, high above panel
  • All stainless steel designs provide corrosion resistance
  • 53 Class includes fully-retracting spring-ejected screws
  • Two methods of flare-in installation - straight hole or chamfered hole
  • Available in bright polished stainless steel or with screw and standoff in black finish
  • Special installation tools are available by fastener size for flaring standoffs and affixing retainer rings

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