Finding a Product (4)

2737 views   July 9, 2019

  • Why can't I find the part I'm searching for?

    All Southco part numbers contain a varying combination of numbers, letters and dashes. In order to display the specific product page, the dashes must be entered in the proper places.
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  • What is the structure of a Southco part number?

    All Southco part numbers begin with a 2-character Product Class, which identifies the product category. The Product Class is always followed by a dash. There can be up to 16 characters (including dashes) after the Product Class, and can contain numbers, l...
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  • If you are unable to find the exact part number after searching:

    Try entering the 2-character Product Class name only. This will bring you to the landing page for that category, where you can then filter part numbers according to their product characteristics.
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  • I have an obsolete DZUS or Hartwell-DZUS part number, how can I find the Southco equivalent?

    Please download our Cross Reference Part Number Guide.
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