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New Rotary Latch Eliminates Vibration and Simplifies Cable Mounting

New Rotary Latch Eliminates Vibration and Simplifies Cable Mounting

Southco has expanded its line of rotary latches with new versions that prevent vibration and eliminate the need for a separate bracket for cable mounting. Southco’s new R4-30 Rotary Latch offerings includes an integrated bumper and cable mounting bracket, adding user-friendly features to Southco’s heavy duty R4 Rotary Latch series

Reduced Noise and Rattling

Now available for all R4-30 configurations, the integrated bumper solution holds the striker between the cam and the bumper to effectively eliminate buzz, squeak and rattle. This new solution helps to better user experiences with quiet operation, making it an easy choice for applications with inherent vibration issues. The R4-30 features either single or two-stage engagement which supports increased operator safety by eliminating false latching conditions in heavy duty equipment applications.

Easy Cable Mounting

Southco’s R4-30 Rotary Latch with Integrated Cable Mounting Bracket is available for bottom lever solutions and allows cables to be easily incorporated into the latching system without needing to purchase and install a separate cable bracket. The heavy duty R4-30 offers reliable performance for use in demanding Off-Highway, Transportation and Industrial Machinery applications.

Performance Material Options

The R4-30 Rotary Latch with Integrated Bumper and Cable Mounting Bracket is available in both high-strength steel and corrosion-resistant stainless steel, offering suitable choices for harsh environments. Southco R4 Rotary Latch Systems provide a robust solution to secure panels with push to close convenience, offering concealed latching at one or more points of the application. When combined with Southco AC Actuators and Cables, R4 Rotary Latches create a complete Rotary Latching System, providing secure, reliable, remote latching for interior and exterior applications.

To learn more about Southco’s line of rotary latches, visit our Rotary Latching Systems product page.

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