93 - Keylocking Flush/Knob Latches

Easy installation, multiple actuation choices, quick action for opening and closing door panels, and flexible locking options make these compact push-to-close latches a user favorite for a wide range of enclosures. All offer keylocking security, including some with the option to operate without needing the key every time

93 - Keylocking Flush/Knob Latches

Multiple actuation choices for a common latching mechanism make it easy for these easy-to-use latches to meet your personal preferences or application requirements.

  • Choice of actuation types, external clearance heights, grip ranges, and locking security help satisfy numerous applications
  • Key, knob, and push-button actuation styles available
  • Use key access for every use or unlock once for repetitive access
  • All styles use easy single-hole installation
  • Knob and push-button styles also available without locking option
  • Available in black and bright chrome finishes
  • Optional pull-tab, available for push-button style (300 Series), can be mounted either in-line or perpendicular to pawl
  • Low-profile model offers optional sealing cover to keep out dirt and moisture
  • Optional ejector spring for push-button style (300 Series) helps pop door open and prevent rattles
  • Maximum working load for 100 Series is 560 N (125 lbs.)
  • Maximum working load for 200 Series is 370 N (75 lbs.)
  • Maximum working load for 300 Series is 530 N (120 lbs.)

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