R4 - Rotary Latches

These robust latching solutions for doors and panels of heavy-duty equipment and vehicles combine rotary-action security with push-to-close convenience. Their compact design provides concealed operation, while tolerating misalignment on closing, engaging easily with low closing force, and latching firmly with a snug, secure fit. Shop

R4 - Rotary Latches

Durable materials, corrosion-resistant plating, and robust construction make these latches suitable for demanding environments. Easy operating mechanism and versatile actuation options make latches easy to adapt to a variety of installations.

  • Compact latch envelope and cross-section fits thin-profile doors, minimizes protrusion within the enclosure
  • Forgiving mating tolerance accommodates misalignment and flexing of long door panels or hoods
  • In the closed position, latch fully envelopes striker bolt for secure grip and protection
  • All-metal construction for durable, long-lasting performance
  • Hardened steel cams and triggers provide durable latching engagement
  • Stainless steel styles for use in marine and off-highway applications
  • Corrosion-resistant finish minimizes danger of rust interfering with latch operation or staining door panel
  • Many styles compatible with single and multi-point remote actuation using cables or mechanical linkage
  • Separate models available for right-hand and left-hand opening styles
  • Available in choice of threaded and through-hole mounting styles
  • Electronically actuated rotary latch models also available
  • Two-stage cam version prevents false latching condition
  • Single and two-stage cam versions with integrated bumper option to eliminate noise and vibration
  • Dual point option allows the rotary latch to be actuated from different points
  • Compact and micro styles minimize protrusion within the enclosure
  • Integrated cable mounting bracket option eliminates the need for secondary installation components
  • Paddle actuator option combines rotary latch and actuator into one solution for simplified rotary system installation
  • Hand actuated option eliminates the need for a separate cable and actuator
  • Debris resistant design features a concealed rotary mechanism and an integrated mounting bracket for simplified installation
  • Heavy-duty style latch meets Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 206 for crash test performance when installed with optional supplemental bracket
  • Stainless steel styles (304 SS) meet marine salt spray requirements

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