EM-05 - Electronic Slide Bolts

Southco’s EM-05 Electronic Slide Bolt series delivers enhanced access control to applications that require concealed, controlled and secure access. The EM-05 Electronic Slide Bolt series provides the convenience of electronic access and push-to-close operation in a single unit. Its versatility, ease of installation and space saving design enable an easy transition from mechanical to electronic physical access

EM-05 - Electronic Slide Bolts

The EM-05 Electronic Slide Bolt series provides a simplified solution to enable electronically controlled access for the control and monitoring of cabinets and equipment access panels ranging from pharmaceutical dispensing to tablet storage.

  • Compatible with a variety of door-mounted mechanical latches
  • Accepts signals from a variety of access control devices
  • Intuitive push-to-close operation
  • Hidden access for increased security and enhanced industrial design
  • Simple, quick installation and easy retrofit with existing designs
  • Mechanical override for use during power failure
  • Door or frame mounting
  • Compact versions available to accommodate limited space applications
  • Optional lock status microswitch available
  • Integrated door switch option
  • Multiple mounting configurations
  • Microprocessor controlled actuation timing
  • Door sensing and latch status monitoring option available
  • Integrated door and pawl switch for added security

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