MT- Pin Latches

Pin Latches deliver corrosion resistance and durability to compartments with overhanging lids. The latch is opened by pushing the sprung pin, which has the option to be padlocked for added security. A ring pull inside the compartment serves as an emergency escape should this be required. Alternatively the latch can be used in the reverse orientation and deployed using a stylish knob. Whichever variant is used, the latch can be slam closed

MT- Pin Latches

Heavy-duty latch operates with a rounded retractable pin protruding from cabinet wall for actuation. The mating striker plate features a grooved ramp to engage the retractable latch pin, for convenient slam-shut operation.

  • Latch body fits enclosure panels from 3 mm (.125") to 19 mm (.75") thick
  • Adjustable threaded design mounts quickly and easily in a single round hole
  • A ring on internally mounted portion of latch provides safety backup for opening door from inside of enclosure
  • 6.5 mm (.26") hole in latch pin provides option for padlocking security
  • All 300 series stainless steel construction make this a good choice for exposed installation

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