M1-2A - Pop-Out Knob Latches

The beauty of recessed knob storage and three attractive finishes, plus some adjustment for misalignment, complements the ease of use and push-to-close convenience of this design. Latch holds securely whether knob is pressed in or popped out.

M1-2A - Pop-Out Knob Latches

Knob sits flush when not in use, but pops out to provide a secure grip to operate the latch and open the door.

  • Easy single round-hole installation – an alignment tab helps prevent latch from spinning in the panel during installation tightening
  • V-shaped pawl for easy-open/easy-close operation
  • Corrosion-resistant and UV-resistant materials
  • Available in chrome, gold, or black finish
  • Choice of pull-to-open or turn-to-open operation
  • Turn-to-open style is available with three keepers:
  • Self-adjusting flush mount keeper for flush door/frame configurations
  • Self-adjusting surface mount keeper for overlapping doors
  • Fixed grip metal keeps for perpendicular door/frame configurations
  • Recommended maximum working load for self-adjusting style is 220 N (50 lbs.)
  • Recommended maximum working load for fixed-grip style is 380 N (70 lbs.)
  • Recommended maximum working load for pull-to-open style is XXX N (XX lbs.)

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