MA - Swing Door Locks

Quality and style are the essence of the McCoy Series of entry door locks. They provide a solid feel for actuation and offer a variety of finishes in 100% marine-grade corrosion-resistant materials to present a premium quality look for stylish swinging door installations

MA - Swing Door Locks

Durable lock mechanisms offer a variety of features for performance and aesthetics in upscale applications. They eliminate visible mounting hardware on the front or back of the door for a more elegant presentation.

  • McCoy double-spring design (one for pawl, one for handle) provides low closing forces, a solid feel on actuation, and keeps door handles level, even when using heavier handles
  • Optional Star Lock design includes a three-axis star key and six-pin tumbler lock for increased security; hooked deadbolt design prevents door from being lifted off
  • Integrated keyhole shutter protects against water or dirt intrusion
  • McCoy family is integrated within "One Look-One Lock" design to share the same aesthetics and key code compatibility with other complementary hardware
  • Locks, handles, and trim are available in dozens of styles with finish options to match the aesthetics of any application
  • McCoy locksets can be teamed with award-winning Olivari handles to provide the look and feel that set your design apart
  • Available to fit a range of door thicknesses
  • Available in a variety of long-lasting finish combinations – chrome, satin chrome, brass, diamond brass
  • Non-locking version includes optional privacy knob with an emergency override
  • Round and square escutcheon options available to match other hardware designs

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