EA-R01 - RF Wireless Remote Controller

Provides convenient and time-saving locking and unlocking ability to multiple access points, adding indispensable security to non-automotive vehicles. Designed specifically for the environmental and storage needs of utility trucks, marine crafts, RVs, and ambulances, the EA-R01 emits a visual and sound confirmation, eliminating the need to manually check individual secured compartments.
EA-R01 - RF Wireless Remote Controller

Features and Benefits

The EA-R01 uses a palm-size transmitter with a compact, potted receiver that can withstand harsh environments. The electronic access device provides secure storage and monitoring access in applications for commercial, specialty, and off-highway vehicles.
  • Waterproof potted constructions meets needs of harsh weather and off-road environments
  • Two 30Amp lock outputs accommodate multiple latch points for multiple locked compartments from distances up to 100 feet
  • Sequenced outputs minimizes load on battery
  • Sounding element provides latching confirmation via light/horn output
  • User-friendly transmitter programming with easy set up and replacement of lost transmitter
  • Labeled connections for simple system configuration

Available Options

  • Modifiable output types and timing
  • Transmitter branding for color, style, and design
  • Third button for additional output
  • Up to four transmitters per unit

Standards and Specifications

  • Receiver waterproof and dustproof to an IP67 rating
  • FCC compliant output and operation
  • Temperature range: -29C to +82C

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