Keypads & RFID Readers

EA-BT - BLUETOOTH® Controller

Southco’s EA-BT BLUETOOTH® Controller provides full access control and remote monitoring of intelligent locks without having to wire into a network, or install, manage and maintain software. When connected to a secure, cloud-based platform, the EA-BT Controller allows BLUETOOTH® enabled devices such as smartphones and tablets to be used as a credential for wirelessly actuating an electronic lock.

EA-KC2 - Membrane Keypad Access Controller

The Membrane Keypad Access Controller simplifies access management with keyless entry in a self-contained unit. Designed to accommodate industrial equipment needs, the Membrane Keypad is easily customized and can be simply adhered to a door or frame. The remote controller can be mounted anywhere inside a cabinet and provides two outputs for independent control of two separate compartments. Flexible and easy to use, it can be customized to accommodate any look, shape or feel.

EA-P3 -RFID High Frequency Access Controller

The EA-P3 Proximity Reader provides secure, non-contact access control in a compact, easy-to-use design. It reads 125 kHz HID compatible proximity cards and produces a standard output common to most systems. The EA-P3 is easily integrated with most existing building access control systems.

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