EM - E-Keeper Electronic Strike

This "next-generation" access control solution provides the convenience of electronic access and push-to-close operation in one unit. Its low installed cost, compact design, and versatile installation options make it an easy, affordable solution for new or retrofit applications in a variety of enclosures – large and small

EM - E-Keeper Electronic Strike

Designed as a complement to a mechanical latch, the E-Keeper provides greater versatility for a wide range of enclosure applications because it puts the electronic actuation in the keeper instead of the latch.

  • Provides transition from mechanical to electronic access without enclosure redesign, complex software, or major technical or financial investment
  • Accepts signals from a variety of user-specified input devices – numeric keypad, mag-stripe card, RF keyfob, networked security systems, etc.
  • Electronic signal permits electronic monitoring, remote monitoring, audit trails, alarms
  • Frame-mounted unit protects wiring inside enclosure, avoids damage from repeated opening/closing of the door
  • Combining the E-Keeper with a keylocking mechanical latch offers a secure option for a manual over-ride
  • Sloped ramp on latch bolt provides push-to-close operation regardless of latch type used.
  • Concealed installation option presents a clean exterior look and hides access point from potential vandalism
  • Works with a variety of door-mounted mechanical latches
  • Can be used for multi-point latching applications with all E-Keepers actuated by one signal
  • Multiple E-Keeper formats permit mounting in 90°, 180°, or 270° angle to door latch
  • Orientation kit allows for field configuration
  • Side-mount version for low height panels
  • 24 volt option available
  • Wiring harness can be included with latch
  • 12VDC 200 mA input
  • 12VDC output generated when latch bolt is in retracted position (450mA load)

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