EA - Mechanical Accessories

The cable-based Mechanical Override System provides a standard solution for remote mechanical actuation of electronic latches. In the event of electrical power loss, the system provides fully redundant access. The system comprises a mechanical override lock with corresponding AC actuator and cable bracket, a mechanical cable, and a mechanical override bracket.

EA - Mechanical Accessories

The R4-EM Mechanical Override System adjusts to any standard Southco R4-EM Electronic Rotary Latches. It provides a simple means of mechanically releasing the electronic lock during a power failure. The system is easy to install, with multiple adjustments and customized cable lengths to suit any applications.

  • Convenient mechanical actuation for lock release during power failure
  • Adaptable design enables use with any complementary electronic latch
  • Quick, simple installation for ease of integration
  • Flexible design delivers multiple adjustments and customized cable lengths
  • Flat key or tubular key cam latch available for remote key lock
  • Accommodates clockwise or counterclockwise key rotation

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