E8 - Adjustable Style Draw Latches

Adjustability, durability, a low profile, and fully concealed hardware make this latch a great choice for enclosures in highly visible and high-traffic locations. Its fashionable looks belie its industrial-strength operation, while its non-corrosive materials make it an appropriate finishing touch to any indoor or outdoor co-planar panel application

E8 - Adjustable Style Draw Latches

An acetal latch cover and glass-filled nylon workings make this an attractive and extremely functional high-strength choice for a wide range of applications. A built-in adjustment mechanism simplifies fine-tuning for a perfect fit.

  • Adjust latching force and grip dimension a total of 7.9 mm (.31") by threading adjustment nut up or down
  • Low-profile design requires just 17 mm (.67") clearance when closed
  • Latch cover fully conceals working components when latched
  • Over-center action provides sure closure, resists accidental opening despite shock or vibration
  • All non-corrosive materials, suitable for indoor or outdoor use
  • Ability to adjust latching force/grip is built-right into each latch
  • Flammability Rating: UL94-HB
  • Maximum working load: 1560 N (350 lbs.)

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