14/43/44 - Three-Hole Mount Self-Adjusting Compression Latches

Just a fraction of a turn on a hand-actuated knob style or a tool-actuated style is all it takes to engage or disengage firm compressive action that reduces panel vibration and noise. The pawl rides smoothly on a threaded screw mechanism to provide quick and easy user-adjusted compression

14/43/44 - Three-Hole Mount Self-Adjusting Compression Latches

Operating the latch requires just a short turn to release the compression and rotate the pawl away from frame. A variety of hand-actuated and tool-actuated styles offer choices between quick-access convenience and tool- or key-restricted security.

  • Choice of straight and offset pawl styles offers a wide range of grip options from one latch body size
  • User adjustable grip and compression accommodates a wide range of installation variations and changes
  • Round hole mounting is equally convenient for stable attachment in volume production or field installation with protruding or fully flush mounting
  • Provides economical solutions where compression force is not critical
  • Small models can also function as in inject/eject mechanism
  • Optional trim plate covers mounting hardware
  • Multiple material choices provide corrosion-resistant options
  • Available in Type "A" and Type "B" models for right hand and left hand doors
  • Keylocking option provides added security
  • Flammability rating for nylon knobs satisfies UL94-HB
  • Overall grip options across all models range from 3.2 mm (.13") to 42.9 mm (1.69")

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