N2 - Heavy Duty Lift & Turn Compression Latches

Durable construction, simple mechanical action, and consistent pull-up compression provide snug closure for heavy-duty applications in off-highway equipment or industrial equipment. The T-handle provides an ample handhold for end users wearing bulky work gloves, yet folds down for minimal protrusion.A stainless steel version delivers corrosion resistance for harsh environments and higher loads

N2 - Heavy Duty Lift & Turn Compression Latches

From its solid stainless steel shaft to its easy-to-grip T-handle, this rugged latch is designed to operate reliably in heavier duty applications. Its intuitive lever-action mechanism generates sufficient compression to hold doors snug and rattle-free, despite the vibration of heavy diesel engines or the shocks of rough terrain.

  • Available in multiple sizes to provide the strength, grip, and appropriate pull-up compression for a large variety of door sizes
  • 6 mm (.24") of consistent pull-up compression provides a snug fit to dampen vibration, minimize noise
  • Multiple pawl options and adjustments accommodate a broad range of relative door-to-frame dimensions
  • N2 with standard cup size utilizes same simple panel prep as Southco N4 latch, for easy drop-in replacement
  • Available with a recessed cup that keeps folded handle below the surface of the door
  • Also available in both locking and non-locking styles
  • Easily configurable with custom keycodes and colors
  • Stainless steel version for corrosion resistance and harsh environments
  • Straight and offset pawl options satisfy grip dimensions ranging from 2.5 to 104 mm (0.10” to 4.10")
  • Under customer request we have available a medium and large size cup as well as a M16 shaft for heavier duty applications
  • Maximum working load in powder coated versions: 1000 N (225 lbs.)
  • Maximum working load in stainless steel versions: 1800 N (405 lbs.)
  • Fits door panels from 1.5 mm to 2.5 mm thick (T-handle no cup version) and up to 12.7 mm thick (recessed cup version)

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