A2/A7 - Over-Center Lever Latches

Combining strength, ease of installation, and simplicity of operation, these heavy-duty lever-action latches provide door-closing leverage for heavier gasketed door applications. The single-motion opening action of latch applies built-in leverage against the keeper to provide mechanical advantage to help pry stuck doors open

A2/A7 - Over-Center Lever Latches

Integrated latch and handle assemblies with over-center toggle action keep latches secure, and prevent accidental opening due to shock or vibration.

  • Provide consistent gasket compression to dampen vibration and help reduce or eliminate rattle and noise
  • Externally mounted, requires minimal space for mounting hardware on inside of door
  • Concealed rear-mount fastening of A7 style provides a clean exterior appearance
  • Industrial-strength design provides long handles for comfortable grip in heavy duty applications
  • A shim is provided with each A2 latch assembly to make adjustments to latching plane of keeper when necessary
  • Available in padlockable or key lockable styles for added security
  • A2 style offers optional vinyl handle grip available in yellow or black
  • A7 styles available chrome plated, and black or satin silver powder coated, with imperial or metric tapped mounting holes
  • Extra shims may be ordered separately for A2 styles, to compensate for greater differences in latching plane of keeper when necessary.
  • Both styles provide maximum working loads up to 2200 N (500 lbs.)

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