E3 - VISE ACTION® Compression Latches

Designed for quick, secure closure in applications where vibration, sealing, and quality are paramount. The original Southco VISE ACTION® latching mechanism combines with numerous body and head styles designed to suit specific installation and application requirements.

E3 - VISE ACTION® Compression Latches

Features and Benefits

The smooth operation of the VISE ACTION® design aligns the pawl behind the frame and draws it up tight with a single continuous half-turn motion. Its compression action provides consistent 6.4 mm (.25") pull-up for environmental sealing in gasketed applications, and helps reduce or eliminate noise and rattles caused by vibration. Over-center latching resists accidental opening due to shock or vibration.
  • Six body styles accommodate various door/panel thicknesses, grip ranges, actuator styles, and interior protrusion
  • Easy-to-grip knob and handle-actuated styles provide quick, simple access
  • More than 45 key-actuated and tool-actuated styles restrict access and discourage vandalism
  • Low-profile and flush-mount styles minimize protrusion above panel
  • Available in fixed-grip and adjustable grip versions
  • Many models suitable for NEMA 4 and IP-65 applications
  • Single-hole mounting styles provide for convenient installation
  • Compact version with shortened housing for limited space applications

Available Options

  • Available in a range of materials and finishes, including: stainless steel, chrome plated, or black powder coated
  • Assembled versions facilitate quick and easy installation; unassembled versions are available for mounting in thicker doors and other restricted access situations
  • Models available to accommodate 2- and 3-point compression latching
  • Lightweight, hard anodized aluminum version complies with EN45545
  • Padlockable T-handle option combines enhanced security with ergonomics
  • Sealed version resists high-temperature, high-pressure power washing and chemical cleaning, and complies with DIN EN1672-2 and IP69K

Standards and Specifications

  • Appropriately gasketed models satisfy NEMA 4 and IP-65 applications
  • Models available for EMI/RFI sealing

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