69 - Arrowhead Pawl Indicator Design Cam Latches

Choosing this simple knob actuator design for the outside of your enclosure provides lots of performance enhancements beneath it – adjustable knob height, wide-ranging grip adjustment, and positive click stops to indicate full engagement. Same model can be used for right-hand or left-hand operation

69 - Arrowhead Pawl Indicator Design Cam Latches

Arrow indicators molded into these black nylon knobs provide visual confirmation of latch position, and complement the click stops at each extreme of their 90o rotation.

  • Provide full detents with slight pull-up in both open and closed positions
  • Turn clockwise or counterclockwise to operate, so same model can be mounted to provide right-hand (Type "A") or left-hand (Type "B") operation
  • Reversible pawls provide wide range of grip adjustment
  • Easy to install in single hole
  • Height of knob above panel is adjustable
  • Available in three sizes to fit varying panel thicknesses and grip ranges

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