Link Lock Draw Latch, Small Size, Riveted, Steel, Bright

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Material Steel
Finish Zinc Plate, Bright chromate
Color/Appearance Bright
Access Restriction No Restriction
Size Series Small Size
Compliance Specification UL FTTA2 / FTTA8 Type 1, UL FTTA2 / FTTA8 Type 12, UL FTTA2 / FTTA8 Type 12K, UL FTTA2 / FTTA8 Type 13, UL FTTA2 / FTTA8 Type 2, UL FTTA2 / FTTA8 Type 3, UL FTTA2 / FTTA8 Type 3R, UL FTTA2 / FTTA8 Type 3RX, UL FTTA2 / FTTA8 Type 3X
Spring Riveted
Type Latch
Class K2/K3/K4/K5 - Rotary Draw Latches

High working loads, convenient mechanical advantage, and compact size are common advantages that make these Southco rotary draw latches a good choice for co-planar applications where space and strength are important functional considerations

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This product meets the compliance specifications listed below. Click the button to download a specification document

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