ST - Torque Cartridge Embedded Hinges

These constant torque cartridges enable users to easily position doors, display screens and other mounted components and hold them securely at any desired angle – fully opened, fully closed, or anywhere in between. These cartridges are designed specially for applications where customers need to integrate constant torque functionality into a molded assembly. The ST-8P and larger ST-11P feature an overmolded design that encapsulates and hides the hinge for enhanced aesthetic value. The small diameter of both cartridges enables designers to use them with great flexibility that is difficult to achieve with a nut and bolt, and a customizable holding torque provides the right “feel” for a wide range of application needs.

ST - Torque Cartridge Embedded Hinges

The ST-8P and ST-11P deliver a customizable, validated solution with consistent results. The specific installation requirement of an injection mold makes the mechanism especially practical for high volume applications, new designs and design refreshes.

  • Simple integration of constant torque functionality into injection molded products
  • Overmolded design reduces total product cost and provides aesthetic value
  • Long cycle life ensures reliability and reduced maintenance costs
  • Slim diameter for ease of use and flexibility of design
  • Customizable torque to fit the needs of most applications
  • Available in two sizes to accommodate a range of requirements
  • Multiple size options provide different load and torque ratings to accommodate a range of requirements
  • Can be specified with either symmetric torque or asymmetric torque to control the operating effort in both directions
  • Contact Southco for additional torque ranges, colors, and finishes
  • Positioning torques from 0.35 kg-cm (0.3 in-lbf) to 50.7 kg-cm (44 in-lbf)
  • Maximum working loads from 200N (45 lbf) to 1,000 N (225 lbf)
  • Cycle performance up to 20,000 cycles within +20% of static torque specification

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