Counterbalance Hinges

ST - Counterbalanced Embedded Hinges

Counterbalanced position control hinges, available across a range of torque values, provide a refined solution for positioning heavier objects. They eliminate the need for door stays, require no adjustments, fit in minimal space, and easily integrate into product designs. Constant-torque technology holds panels steady in any desired position throughout the full range of motion.

CA - Counterbalance External Hinges

CA Counterbalance Hinges allow a heavy lid or panel to be lifted with minimal operating effort and will continue to hold it securely in any position. The CA Counterbalance Hinge features an external mounting style, allowing for increased capacity within the enclosure, and eliminates the need for secondary support components.

CB - LIFT-A-SYST® Counterbalance Concealed Hinges

The CB LIFT-A-SYST® Counterbalance Hinge series neutralizes the weight of heavy panels and lids, providing reliable positioning control for a variety of applications. CB Counterbalance Hinges counteract the downward force of gravity and provide precise control when opening and closing heavy panels, enabling the panel to be lifted and lowered effortlessly.

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