NY - NYLATCH Two-Piece Panel Fasteners

Southco’s DZUS<sup>®</sup> NY-WG Grommets are designed to be used with  the NY-CC Plunger range, and together offer a range of reusable, plastic, push/pull rivet like fasteners, with a selection of different sizes, head styles and colours available.  The combined fastener is retained in the removeable panel and doesn't require a separate receptacle.

NY - NYLATCH Two-Piece Panel Fasteners
  • Provide low total installed cost as a replacement for screws, nuts, and bolts
  • Multiple diameter options – .188", .250", and .313" – each with multiple grip ranges
  • Adjusts to hole misalignment and panel thickness tolerances
  • Mix and match grommet and plunger colors, three head styles
  • Non-conductive, non-corrosive materials

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