P7 - Inject / Eject Mechanisms

Designed to secure electronics modules that are larger and heavier than just a line card or printed circuit board, these mechanisms insert and eject modules with one simple motion. They are even available in a tool-secured style to meet industry standards for restricted access.

P7 - Inject / Eject Mechanisms

A cam-handle design provides the leverage needed for larger applications. It provides a linear pull-up of 10 mm (.39") of travel between its fully extended and fully retracted positions. Closing motion forces pawl into frame and pulls it up tight. Opening motion forces door and frame apart, and withdraws pawl from frame.

  • No tools required for installation – mechanism attaches to outer panel or door quickly and easily with a clip-on retainer
  • Available in three different sizes to accommodate panels from 0.9 mm (.035") to 3.2 mm (.125") thick
  • Available in tool-secured and non-secured styles
  • Tool-secured style features a maximum recommended holding load greater than 400 N (90 lbs.) at an ambient temperature of 20ºC (68ºF)
  • These mechanisms are rated for more than 200 insertion/extraction cycles of a 300 N (67 lb.) load at an ambient temperature of 25ºC (77ºF)
  • Available with secondary catch to secure handle, in order to provide higher shock and vibration resistance while maintaining the convenience of tool-free access
  • Also available with tool-secured access style (using a No. 1 Phillips recess quarter-turn fastener) to meet appropriate industry standards where required
  • Flammability rating: UL94-V0
  • Tool-secured style helps meet UL 1950, IEC 950, and EN 60950 standards for restricted access

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