81/82/85 - DZUS® Lion Quarter-Turn Fasteners

The simplicity of a quarter turn is all it takes to secure panels quickly and easily with these versatile little fasteners. Numerous head styles, stud lengths, receptacle styles, and accessories, provide flexibility for accommodating many specific mounting requirements.

81/82/85 - DZUS® Lion Quarter-Turn Fasteners

These space-saving fasteners provide a precise fit within a defined grip limit of 0.5 mm (.02"), for accurate positioning of panels. This makes them a good solution for sheet metal applications where dimensions are constant. Fasteners are available in 0.5 mm (.02") stud length increments to provide the opportunity to match the application precisely.

  • Integrate three separate component choices – stud, retainer, and receptacle – to suit application requirements. (Choose receptacle first to determine length of stud shaft.)
  • Built-in retention features keep fastener hardware with panel and frame, eliminate dropped or lost components
  • A variety of head styles provides choices for convenient manual use or tool-restricted access
  • Each fastener component provides a degree of spring action for a snug fit
  • Numerous corrosion-resistant components
  • Also available in stainless steel constructions
  • Stainless, nylon, and snap-in stud retainers
  • Shielded press-in receptacles provide RFI-EMI shielding
  • Numerous accessories and installation tools enhance the benefits of quick access fastening
  • Specific hardware components and sizes determine maximum working loads

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