D7 - DZUS® Pilot/Arrow Quarter-Turn Fasteners

These two styles of quick access fasteners provide convenient installation and operation with grip tolerance and a wide range of tolerance for support panel and mounting panel thicknesses. They are available in metallic and thermoplastic constructions to suit mounting panel load requirements.

D7 - DZUS® Pilot/Arrow Quarter-Turn Fasteners

The same push-to-close, quarter-turn-to-open convenience is provided in two specific designs – the DZUS Pilot case-hardened steel fastener and the DZUS Arrow engineered thermoplastic fastener. Both styles feature common advantages:

  • Easy press-in installation and crisp, positive engagement of fasteners, with no tools required
  • Receptacles and fasteners both install from top side of panel for convenient access
  • Fastener studs disengage with a simple quarter turn, receptacles stay captive in panels
  • Removable panels can be disengaged and refastened to support panels multiple times
  • Standard receptacle sizes are based on the 9.5 mm square support hole common to rack rails in network, telecom, and computer applications
  • Headstyles include tool-actuated designs for controlled-access security
  • DZUS Pilot lateral tolerance receptacle style provides approximately +.200" lateral tolerance to stud position
  • DZUS Pilot neoprene rubber washers in multiple sizes create a snug vibration-resistant fit between panel and support
  • DZUS Pilot self-ejecting stud style includes spring to retract fastener stud when disengaged
  • DZUS Pilot fasteners are available in black or bright chromate finish
  • Designed Maximum Axial Load: 11 lbs.
  • Designed Maximum Shear Strength: 28 lbs.
  • Flammability Rating: UL 94 HB
  • ASTM E-162 Flame Spread Index: 130

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