Electric Vehicle Charging Industry

Securing the Energy Journey

With engineered Access Hardware

Why Southco?

Future. Energy. Secured.

Southco’s engineered access hardware, including locks, latches and hinges, help Energy Storage and Electric Charging equipment manufactures to achieve high standards of equipment performance, usability and security, providing a seamless energy journey for all stakeholders.

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Innovative Access Solutions for the EV Charging Industry


Performance & Longevity - EV Charging

Performance & Longevity

In areas of high use, equipment protection and lifecycle can be maximized with durable hardware tested to meet corrosion, ingress and gasket integrity standards such as: Concealed locks and latches that remove equipment pry points and Multipoint latching that offers higher latch strength and compression for tall units.

Styling & Aesthetics - EV Charging

Styling & Aesthetics

Concealed latching solutions meet design aesthetics challenges and space limitations, without compromising latch strength or performance with: Compact rotary latches that offer high strength for limited internal spaces and Customizable hardware material and finishing that meets unique styling, color and brand requirement.


Safety & Security

Electronic access control plays an important role in the security of equipment operation and user safety and encourages equipment connectivity with: Electronic locks and latches that provide an added layer of security and protection and Trackable access control through electronic credentials, audit trail and remote monitoring.

Usability & Surrounding - EV Charging

Usability & Surrounding

Environment Designers can provide a simplified user experience for charging stations in public and domestic areas while supporting reduced noise pollution with: Compression latches that eliminate vibration by sealing door gaskets to isolate noise and Hinges with embedded positioning technology that provide reliable positioning of heavy panels and keep them securely in place.


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