Captive Screw, 6-32 Thread, Floating, Phillips/Slot Combination, Smooth Black Knob.

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Material Steel
Color/Appearance Black
Knob Style Smooth
Knob Material Aluminum Alloy
Thread or Hole Type 6-32
Head Style Phillips/Slot Combination
Installation Floating
Recess Size Phillips #2/Slot Combination
Series 10 Series, 20 Series, 30 Series, 40 Series, 50 Series, 60 Series, 70 Series, 80 Series, 100 Series, 200 Series, 274 Series, 277 Series, 284 Series, 287 Series, 290 Series, 300 Series, 400 Series, 500 Series, 700 Series, 800 Series, 900 Series, 20.1 mm Size, Access Indicator, Adjustable Torque, ATCA Compliant, AV-B30, AV-C20, AV-D30, AV-D32, AV-D40, Basic, Bi-Stable, Bifold, Compact, Constant Torque, D9-47, D9-52, In-Line, Low Profile, Mini, Miniature , Miniature, Low Profile
Min. Outer Panel Thickness (mm) 0.80
Max Outer Panel Thickness (mm) 1.60
Fastened Screw Projection (mm) 7.20
Unfastened Screw Projection (mm) 5.00
Size Series Lockable, No Cup
Packaging Bulk Packaged
Flange Length 5.65
Class 47/4C - Captive Screws

Southco 47 Class captive screws (and the corresponding color-coded "Prism" 4C Class captive screws), offer hundreds of permutations of installation and tool-actuation styles for mounting doors, panels, and other hardware components in limited-space applications.

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