Rotary Latch Systems

Southco Rotary Latch Systems provide a robust solution to secure panels with push to close convenience, offering concealed latching at one or more points of the application. Rotary latches are available in a wide range of compact mechanical and electromechanical designs made of durable materials suitable for any environment. Mechanical actuator solutions provide flexible security with hand or keyed operation, while electromechanical actuator options offer a hidden solution.

Key Benefits

  • Compression

    Push to close convenience

  • Security

    Secure, hidden latching

  • Multi-Point Compatibility

    Single or multi-point actuation options

  • Latching Range

    Range of mechanical and electromechanical latching solutions

  • Physical Requirements

    Variety of mechanical and electromechanical actuator designs

  • Hand Keyed

    Hand and keyed mechanical actuation options


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  1. AC-C0H0-4-1250-048

  2. AC-C0H0-4-2000-047

  3. AC-C0H0-4-2000-045

  4. AC-C0H0-4-2000-040

  5. AC-C0H0-4-0750-047

  6. AC-C0H0-4-0750-045

  7. AC-C0H0-4-0750-040

  8. AC-C0H0-4-2000-048

  9. AC-C0H0-4-1500-048

  10. AC-C0H0-4-1000-048

  11. AC-C0H0-4-0750-048

  12. AC-C0H0-4-0500-048

  13. AC-C0H0-4-0250-048

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