Southco Hinges are designed to add functionality to doors and panels, offering high quality feel and performance that lasts over the lifetime of the application. Southco offers a variety of hinges, including removable hinges that allow easy door removal, friction hinges and torque hinges that allow a heavy door to be held open, lifted or moved into one or many positions, and concealed hinges that take up minimal packaging space.

Key Benefits

  • Product Design

    Wide range of materials and styles

  • Product Performance

    Long repeatable cycle life

  • Multi-Point Compatibility

    Simple mounting and installation

  • Tool Free Operation

    Maintains consistent performance without maintenance or readjustment



The LIFT-A-SYST® series is designed specifically for controlling the exact weight of heavy flip-up countertops and covers, allowing them to be lifted and positioned with ease. Combining assisted lifting force and positional stability through the full range of motion when opening and closing heavy doors and panels, Southco's LIFT-A-SYST® series is a high performing alternative to gas struts.

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